Cassiobury Park Nature Trail

In Summer 2010 a circular nature trail was opened in the nature reserve in Cassiobury Park.

Along the unsignposted trail there are wooden markers identifying places where you can often spot a particular kind of wildlife.

The posts to spot are for Fish, Herons, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Butterflies, Bats, Oak Trees(!), Dragonflies, Newts and Snakes. If you discover any more please let me know!

The route marked in blue on the map below is what I believe would be the quickest way to visit all the marker posts. It is however quite pleasent to walk walk along the grassy path linking the river to the canal between the butterfly and woodpecker signs instead of just popping over the bridges either side to see the signs and returning to the tarmac paths. At some times of year this may not be option however as this area is sometimes under water deep enough to make it hard to cross even in wellies!

Download a nature trail check-list and see how many you can spot! [pdf]

Map Showing Nature Post Locations

Click on each blue marker to see what you might be able to spot at each location.

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