Children’s attractions in Cassiobury Park

There is lots to do with children in Cassiobury Park and most of it will cost you absolutely nothing! As well as acres of space for a kick-about or kite-flying there are facilities provided by the local council.

Paddling Pools Playground [A]
This best play area just below the paddling pools is suitable for children up to the age of 14. It contains swings, numerous climbing frames and slides, a granite stone maze and even a trampoline and zip wire!

Cha Cha Cha Playground [B]
Smaller than the Paddling Pool Playground this playarea located directly alongside the Cha Cha Cha cafe and arts centre caters for younger children and toddlers upto the age of 6. An enclosed grassy area contains picnic tables with toilet facilities and refreshments available in the cafe.

Paddling Pools [C]

NB: The paddling pools have now closed (mid-September 2015), and will remain closed throughout 2016 as they are refurbished as part of the heritage works – aiming to reopen around Easter 2017

Bungee Trampolines (charge applies)
Temporary attraction during school summer holidays, located near the paddling pools. Open daily from roughly late morning to 4pm depending on weather conditions.  Under 12 year olds only, charge applies.

Miniature Railway (charge applies) [D]
The 10.25 inch gauge miniature railway has over half a kilometre of tracks and a variety of steam and diesel locomotives. Services run on weekends, bank holidays and in school holidays throughout the year. Costs £1.50 per person (May 2015). For history and locomotive information see Miniature Railway World.

Bouncy Castle (charge applies) [E]
At weekends and during school holidays in the summer a variety of bouncy castles may be found at this location. Suitable for children 14 and under, there is a £2 charge for 10 minutes (May 2014).

Paddling and Fishing by the Rustic Bridge [F]
The River Gade, which flows through the park, is shallow enough to paddle in around the Rustic Bridge crossing which leads to the Grand Union Canal. The bridge itself is adorned in animal carvings and if you take along a net you can try to catch a fish in the slow-flowing waters. This area is also popular with dog-walkers.

Cassiobury FarmWCress beds
Not quite in the park, but located at the southern end of the Local Nature Reserve, between Gade Avenue and Gade Bank. Occasional open days are held, for which a charge applies, see Cassiobury Farm