Cycling in Cassiobury Park

The cycling strategy in Watford’s Cassiobury Park is currently messy.  There are a few designated cycle paths but no official east-west link running through the length of the park.

There are two north-south split pedestrian-cyclist paths which cross through the park.  On the southern side both start at the Shepherds Road entrance passing to the left of the Cha Cha Cha cafe.  Turning left and then right brings you out on Parkside Drive adjacent to The Gardens.  Turning right and then left brings you out at the junction of Parkside Drive and Stratford Way on the Cassiobury Estate.

The cycle route linking the Town Centre to the eastern end of the park has recently been improved to provide a designated cycle lane along the entire length of the Rickmansworth Road pavement.  Of the two paths through the park that start at the eastern entrance one is a pedestrian/bike split whilst cyclists are forbidden from using the northern route.

The southern cycling route does not however link up to the paddling pools play area or the canal despite the fact that the path continues along this route.  The lack of a fully connected route is even more bizarre given that in 2007 and 2008 improvements were made to cycle paths in Whippendell Wood and across the West Herts Golf Course.

The rustic bridge over the River Gade has signs on its approach asking cyclists to dismount but cycling is not officially allowed in this area of the park and the signs seem to be ignored most of the time.