Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some of the most frequently asked questions about the park.  If you have an unanswered question or query about Cassiobury Park or a suggestion on how to improve the website click here.

When is the park open?
The park is free and is open every day of the year. Access to the park is not restricted at any time however the car park does close.

Will the miniature railway be running?
The miniature railway is run by Jeff Price who can be contacted at

Is the cafe open all year round and what time does it open on Sunday?
The Cha Cafe is open all year round (11am – 5pm at weekends).toilet times

Are there toilet facilities?
Toilets are provided at three locations within the park. The picture to the right shows the opening hours sign on the toilet block which is situated between the Langley Way entrance to the park and the paddling pools. Other toilets are available inside The Cha Cafe (near the Shepherds Road entrance), and adjacent to the paddling pools (open summer only). There is also a disabled toilet, accessible with a RADAR key, in one of the small huts next to the paddling pools.

What time does car park close at night?
The car park opens at 6am and closes at 9pm. Overnight parking is not allowed.

Are dogs allowed in the Park?
Yes dogs are welcome in all areas of the park except for the childrens playgrounds.  Bins for the disposal of dog waste can be found alongside most paths in park.

Can I have a barbeque in the park?
Barbeques are not allowed. I can not think of any public areas nearby that permit barbecues.

Can I ride my horse at the park?
Horses are not allowed to be ridden in the park but there are some bridleways in the adjacent Whippendell Woods.

I would like to hold an event in the park, how do I go about this?
Please contact as this is the department responsible for organising the event.

Is there a Cassiobury Park mailing list so I can keep up to date with events in the park?
Sadly there is not an official council mailing list. Events are listed here and I have created a Twitter feed however I am not aware of some of the events until they happen so this is of limited use.

I am interested in filming in the park for a student project or commercial production, how do I get permission?
Details of how to obtain permission to film in the park, including rates, can be found here.

I was recently in the park and have lost something. Is there a lost property point?
I am not aware of the lost property procedures you will need to contact Watford Council regarding this.

I am looking for information about fishing in the park…
Information about fishing rights can be found on the sports page.

What happened to the Cassiobury Park gates?
The Cassiobury Park gates were demolished in 1967 as part of the works widening Rickmansworth Road at the junction with Cassio Road. More information on the history of them is available here.

Is there a map available showing the location of Cassiobury House within the park area?
The house (demolished in 1927) did not lie within the current area of the park but in an area of land redeveloped for housing in the 1930s.  For more details see

Is there anything left of the house?
The stable block of the house still stands and has been converted to an old peoples’ home on Richmond Drive to the North of the Park.  Click here for a photo and the location.

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