The Big Dells

Whippendell Wood near Watford contains many hollows / dips in the landscape, up to about 100 metres across and five metres deep.В  It is unclear whether these are naturally occurring geological features or the result of human activity – I think they are probably bomb craters but am not sure, so if you know please contact me.


Possibly the largest example can be found south west of the Grove Mill Lane car park, at map reference TQ 077 981.В  The picture below was taken in February 2013 facing approximately North West.


A smaller dell which is easy to spot (following forestry works to thin out smaller trees and undergrowth) lies just down the slope from the path that heads south from the Grove Mill Lane car park. The photo below, taken from the path looking southwest, shows tracks made by mountain bikes that have descended the slope.




Several dells are located in the southern corner of Whippendell Wood, near where Rousebarn Lane turns from a northerly direction to the northwest and starts to go uphill.В  Three of these are quite close to the pathways in this area, and three more are hidden on the wooded slopes between the lane and West Herts Golf Course.В  The largest of these is the one pictured below, at TQ 083 973, north of the steep path on Jacotts Hill ( photo taken facing northeast).



There are also dells in the woods adjacent to Whippendell Wood, including perhaps not surprisingly one in Dell Wood.В  This is at TQ 076 970.



There are two very close together at the northern end of Merlins Wood (TQ 071 977, not pictured).

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